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Got questions? We've got the answers...

I have booked a Sparkle Party! What happens if some of the guests cannot attend?


The number of guests only needs to be confirmed latest 3 days before the party. Please note that don’t give discounts for party guests who cancel after you have confirmed the final number 3 days before the party, as we have booked the number of Party Hostesses at this point and completed all planning for the party!


How should I prepare the venue and what do I need to provide?


The Party Hostesses will bring all equipment required. There is little needed to prepare the venue for the party and the hostesses will discuss the layout with you when they arrive. Essentials are a nearby source of electricity and water supply. It is preferable to have a table which can fit half of the girls attending the party for the face mask activity, however, the hostesses will bring along throws and blankets, so they can set up on the floor if required.

When will the Party Hostesses arrive?


The Party Hostesses will arrive 20-30 minutes before the party is due to begin. They are trained to set up (and pack up!) quickly and efficiently.


Should I arrange other activities for the children when they are not being pampered?


The Party Hostesses have a set plan for the party and will keep the party guests occupied for the full pampering time of two hours. Other activities happening simultaneously are not recommended as they may make the party a little chaotic with too much going on at once!


Who are the Party Hostesses?


The Party Hostesses are ladies who have several years of childcare experience. As can be seen on our Google and Facebook reviews, our professional and energetic team is one of our main assets. The ladies know exactly what they are doing and we guarantee that they will make the party a fun event for all attendees. Please note that the Party Hostesses are NOT qualified beauticians.


Can younger siblings attend the party?


Of course, but they must be included in the number of guests.

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